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At Human Integrity HR, we help your organization find suitable financially savvy and experienced staff members. We offer an extensive catalogue of recruitment services that span across all levels in the financial domain - from everyday front-line retail workers to executive leaders. Our team brings together years of professional experience in finance and HR recruitment, giving us an understanding of what makes successful matches between financial institutions and employers alike. We strive to provide nothing but the highest quality service to our clients, ensuring that all positions are filled swiftly and with capable candidates who can perform effectively in their roles.


The recruitment process of financial professionals is highly nuanced, requiring not only knowledge of the finance industry but also the ability to identify and attract top talent. To ensure success, efforts must be made to source applicants from various channels - such as employee referrals, direct sourcing, job sites and professional networks. There may also be a need for keyword searches and social media campaigns to reach potential candidates that are difficult to identify. Interviewing top-tier candidates presents additional challenges; most finance jobs require comprehensive assessments before a hire can be made. Ultimately, successful recruitment requires a balance between having robust technical skills and leveraging technology tools in order to connect with the best talent in the sector.

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